Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate you stopping by.  I hope that you found interesting content and something to smile about.

Here’s a little info about myself:

  • Family man, businessman, funny man
  • High Tech industry professional and entrepreneur-at-heart
  • Unabashedly extroverted.  I’m a hugger…
  • Gonzaga MBA and Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing & Social Media, Go Zags!
  • Theater & Improv Comedy guy, my dream gig would be on SNL as a cast member
  • Lover of Social Media, Technology, and Startups
  • French Toast Savant
  • Believes its a business sin to not provide world-class customer service
  • Will do all most anything for a laugh, because a smile is one of the greatest gifts you can give
  • Coffee is my love language!

I hope that we can connect on Twitter as well!