What the World Needs is More ________.

Jump for joy

After a another day of discouraging items in the news, I was curious what my network of friends thought would turn that around.  On a whim, I posted the following question to see what responses I would get:

I got some great answers!  While “bacon,” “monster trucks,” and “cowbell” were among my favorite replies, other more heartfelt replies like “grace,” “kindness,” and “love”

Two things struck me as interesting:

  1. The things that were NOT mentioned are the things we chase the most – money, fame, possessions…
  2. The things that the world needs are within YOUR power to give – are grace, kindness & love not yours to freely give?

Make you think about the way we’ve prioritized things.

If I were to add to this list, I’d add 3 things:

  1. Conversation – genuine human-to-human contact and connection
  2. Passion – less empathy, more enthusiasm
  3. Action – an unbreakable bias towards creating value

What do you think the world needs more of?



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