Resolution: Be Different

Let’s be honest, most resolutions have the lifespan of a fruit fly.  No, that’s not very long.

I love that we always have the opportunity to create change, not just on New Years Day but everyday!  I’m not a big advocate of “resolutions,” mostly because they are synonymous with being broken.   I am, however, a huge proponent of making goals that stretch and grow you when accompanied by a plan on how to make that happen.

So while I always have many goals, this year I will renew just one resolution: Be Different.

  • When others say “I’ll try,” I will say “I will.”
  • When others lie about accomplishments, I will own my failures and grow from them.
  • Where others lookout for themselves, I will put others first.
  • When others point blame, I will invite responsibility.
  • While others worry about appearing good on the outside, I’ll work on be better on the inside.
  • When others hold a grudge, I will forgive.
  • When others say “YOLO” (you only live once), I will know that eternity exists.
  • While others sleep in on days off, I will set an alarm, get up early, and build my dreams.
  • Where others have a sense of entitlement, I will focus on creating value.
  • When others tear down others to make themselves feel good, I build others up to make them feel better.
  • Where others criticize, I will compliment.
  • When others talk about other people, I will focus on ideas.
  • When others are afraid to fail, I will be afraid not to try.

I think that if I focus on those things, that I will be successful in all my personal and professional goals.  If not, then at least I’ll be interesting along the journey!

As I was thinking about this topic I happened to find and was inspired by this great infographic on Success Indicators taught by MaryEllen Tribby, which helped reinforce the message. Check it out!


Your turn – How will you Be Different this year?

Happy New Year,



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