As the Head Goes, So Goes the Body

I learned a lesson the hard way while playing football at a park with friends during High School.  As I was running full speed down the field with the ball, a defender stuck his arm out to try to tackle me, and I got clotheslined professional wrestling style.  All I remember thinking mid-flight was that I shouldn’t be looking at my feet and see sky behind them, and that this was really going to hurt when I landed.  I was right on both accounts

It was after this that I understood an old martial arts training lesson which says, “as the head goes, so goes the body.”


Later in life, I learned how much more was behind this saying, that it was also a great tip for creating personal change and success: If you are going to do something great, do it in your mind first.


  • Want to build a business?  Build it in your mind first.
  • Want to lose 50 pounds?  Lose it in your mind first.
  • Want to change a situation you feel stuck in?  Change it in your mind first.
  • Want to go back to school and get a Masters degree? Graduate in your mind first.…then, work-your-butt-off-every-day until the rest of you catches up to your mind!

    To be clear, I am not talking about “the power of positive thinking.”

    I am talking about beginning with the end in mind. I am talking about making a resolution that you are going to do something great and anchoring it in your mind, so that when times get tough (because they will), and people criticize you (because they will), and you feel like giving up (because you will), that you will have already decided to push past all that to reach your goals.

    Nothing great comes without hard work, but the work starts in your head.

    What are your thoughts on this?  Leave me a comment to join in the discussion.



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