10 years ago today, everything changed

Look backwards in your life and I bet you can identify the most defining moments of your life.  For me, everything changed on September 9th, 2002… everything.  That was the day my daughter was born and I became a parent for the first time.


After 10 years of parenting, I can say a few things are true:

  • If Barney the purple dinosaur is a good representation of his species, then I’m not surprised they are extinct.
  • Nothing in this world is as difficult or as important as being a parent.
  • I’d gladly jump in front of a train to save my kids …but, I’ve definitely used the phrase “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it!”
  • Sacrifice and Love have completely different meanings after parenting
  • I should have bought stock in Goldfish crackers
  • The greatest legacy I could leave isn’t built in an office, it’s built at home
  • Its no wonder that I have a few gray hairs.  I’m lucky to have any hair left at all!
  • I appreciate my parents even more
  • 10 years is old enough.  She can stop growing now… I am in no way ready for the teenage years.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart… you are the best part of me.



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