For you, my son

Son, you were so tired yesterday, in dire need of a nap. We have been on the road for nearly two weeks visiting sights and friends, and while in a strange place you couldn’t sleep. So I loaded you in the van and started driving. You quickly fell asleep as I drove up and down a thoroughfare in a foreign town. Finally I found a shady place to park, and let you rest peacefully.


As you slept, I thought of just how much I loved you and all that I would do for you! For you, my son:
– I will work my finger to the bone to provide all that you need
– I will fight to protect you with all my strength
– I will teach you all that I know and show you how to be a good man

And then, you woke up, and resumed screaming. Not crying, screaming. Screaming as if the world was literally going to come to and end unless you, and you alone, could find the will to scream louder than any toddler had ever screamed…ever. And I couldn’t find your mother fast enough…


I love you, my son. And no, the hearing loss should only be temporary.



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